Welcome to Tall Ships Bermuda 2017!

There are lots of opportunities to film, photograph and interview key personnel, ships’ captains and crews when the Tall Ships are in Bermuda in late May and early June 2017.  The fun begins when the Tall Ships gather in St. George’s to rest and refuel after their long voyage across the Atlantic from Portugal.

The Welcome Festival, St. George’s

  • Friday May 26 - Wednesday May 31 2017
  • See Schedule of Activities under Events

Tall Ships Sail to Hamilton

  • Thursday June 1, 2017
  • See Schedule of Activities under Events

The Host Port Festival, Hamilton

  • Thursday June 1 – Monday June 5, 2017
  • See Schedule of Activities under Events

The Parade of Sail

  • Monday June 5, 2017
  • Tall Ships depart Hamilton and cruise down the North Shore to waters off St. David’s before they race to the Boston and beyond!


Our Media Centre will be located at Pier Six, Front Street, Hamilton.

Accredited Members of the Press will have access to the Media Centre for free Wi-Fi; up-to-date event information; help with arranging interviews and photographs with key personnel, Tall Ships’ Captains, ships and crews.


A Media Boat will be on hand during the festival for members of the Media who want to film or photograph the Tall Ships from Hamilton Harbour.

Spots on the Media Boat for the Parade of Sail are available but must be reserved beforehand. (See Media Accreditation)


Please download the Media Accreditation Application and email the completed form with a recent photograph of you to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Calling all Volunteers, Youth Ambassadors and Liaison Officers!


Join the fun and be up close to the Tall Ships Fleet, their Crews and Trainees!  Help make Bermuda shine as we show our Tall Ship fleet what Bermudian Hospitality is REALLY all about!  

We are looking for just a little of your time now and/or during our event in St. George's May 26-31 and in Hamilton June 1-5.

Is it just you, family and/or some friends?  On foot, car or boat?  We need whatever help and support you can provide so our fleet, captains, crew and trainees are all well supported during their brief visit.

Complete our Volunteer Form and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or deliver it to our office.  All information is contained on the form.  

Come join the fun!


Event Schedule Detailed

The primary objective of The Sail Training Association of Bermuda is to place young Bermudians, aged 18-25, onboard an international fleet of sail training vessels to participate in one leg of a race which circumnavigates the North Atlantic, covers 7,000 nautical miles and visits six countries. This is a truly unique form of experiential learning. Our secondary objective is to show off Bermuda in all its glory by giving the participants who arrive at our port a wonderful time and a true feeling of Bermudian hospitality. We currently are expecting 22 ships with approximately 1,600 trainees to visit our shores. Bermuda was voted the best host port in 2009 and we would like to maintain our reputation.

Naturally, all this costs money. To date, the Government of Bermuda, Tourism Authority and other donors have donated $760,000 towards the cost of staging this event, but we need to raise another $400,000 to cover the cost of achieving our two objectives.

We offer very flexible sponsorships from $5,000 (the average cost of sponsoring a trainee) to $50 or $100 thousand as a key event sponsor. While the sponsorship is philanthropic, we do want to thank our donors and can offer the opportunity to utilize one of our visiting ships for as the venue for a cocktail party, a morning or evening sail or something more creative.

Sail training fosters international understanding and friendship while affording trainees the chance to learn about themselves, develop team-building skills and appreciate the value of trust in themselves and trust in others in often challenging situations. We offer bursaries to young adults age 25 and younger but anyone can apply to be a trainee. Our hope is to support 50 young adults in becoming trainees.

The Tall Ship Festival is open free to the public and families can walk aboard the visiting ships and get to know their international crews.

The Sail Training Association of Bermuda is a registered charity and we hope you will favorably consider sponsorship.

You can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be back in touch with you.

Ever wondered what it’s like to sail on board a magnificent Tall Ship?

Don’t just wonder – do it. You are invited to sail in the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta. No experience necessary!

Nothing can quite prepare you for the unforgettable experience. Picture yourself learning to sail on a beautiful Tall Ship, way out at sea, with the waves crashing against the hull, no land in sight, the sun rising behind you and your closest competitor hot on your heels. We call it sail training and it’s an adventure activity for individuals of all ages.

Why Sail?
The experience of being at sea helps people learn about themselves, discover hidden strengths and talents and understand the value of teamwork. You could be steering at the helm, or preparing dinner in the galley. You might be scrubbing the decks, or raising the sails. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be an important member of the crew, achieving the unbelievable. And it’s guaranteed to be something you’ll never forget.

Sail on Board
Tall Ships Bermuda is offering people the chance to Sail On Board a Tall Ship in this epic event. To start your adventure please complete the Trainee Application form below.

Visit the Sail On Board website for more information about the event, the available opportunities, what it’s like to sail on a Tall Ship, how to fundraise and much more.  




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